His house lost his chance at winning painting job.

I did an estimate for Mr. S in Hicksville, N.Y.  He wanted to go with a local company and even though our office address is Plainview, N.Y. our warehouse (shop) and van parking are located in Hicksville. We also happen to be members of the Hicksville Chamber of Commerce.

Mr.S is the type of customer I like. He does his homework. He looked up five local companies in the phone book and checked with Nassau County Consumer affairs regarding licenses. One company had nothing, so he was down to four. He checked each company on google and found one to specialize in bridges. Now, it was three (I am beginning to hear “roll over, roll over”). He noticed one was two blocks away, so he drove past the painters house. Mr. S. described it as a “Hell Hole”. He said, “If a guy keeps his home like this, what will he do to mine?” Now we are down to two. Lee Decorating and another company. The choice is up to Mr. S.

Mr.S. is having home improvement work done by Allure Home Improvements prior to painting. So, I know Mr.S. values quality and dollar value over low bid. Allure, does nice work and are frequently on “Extreme Makeover”. I have followed them on several jobs (they do not paint) and the Allure craftmanship is first rate every time (I know zero people at the company and doubt they know me). I really hope we get the chance to paint the interior of his home. He is my type of customer.

Postscript: After writing this post, a few days went by and Mr.S. called. We got the painting project.

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